Raare is a private marketing and business advisory firm specializing in elegant, pragmatic approaches to our clients' business needs.  We are dedicated to a bespoke, intimate and collaborative business partnership where success is defined by "delight" -- the delight of our clients through the delight of theirs.  

Our focus is on core services in three disciplines:

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Writing and Editing

Each is an art and science unto itself, and dependent on deep knowledge and a passion for excellence. This is drives our team to support, to evolve, to delight. 


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We conceive, design and execute conquest, loyalty and brand campaigns derived from deep understanding of our client data wells.  

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We capture, organize and make approachable and actionable the vast quantities of data collected via engagement campaigns, guiding future decisions that meet long term vision. 

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We offer full-spectrum business writing services, including proposals, responses and general document editing.