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Rekha Gibbons

Chief Operating Officer

Rekha Gibbons is the Chief Operating Officer for Raare Solutions. She evangelizes the customer journey to companies seeking strategies to rebound from COVID-19. During the pandemic she changed her title to Chief Optimism Officer, as she realized the brands that sent motivational messages resonated the most during the crisis. Rekha has recently launched a new arm of service for Raare called Multicultural Marketing. This service focuses on marketing through the lens of culture, gender and generation. Understanding the importance, and how to market to different audiences is vital in the era of diversity and inclusion. 

Several decades in Finance, Publishing & Automotive have taught her that results require cultivation – with the client and the customer. Rekha knows the secret sauce to increased conversion & loyalty is impeccable customer experience. It’s not always what marketing Thinks. It’s what the customer Needs. Rekha nurtured this philosophy at companies like AIG, Lehman Brothers, Ferrari, Jaguar Land Rover and Lindblad Expeditions. She is sought after to speak about Post Pandemic Strategies & Multicultural  Marketing. She lives in NJ with her husband and their 3-legged Covid rescue dog Sonny.