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Rekha Gibbons is a guest columnist for AdExchanger’s “Data-Driven Thinking” column

Following the launch of Raare's new service Multicultural Marketing, COO Rekha Gibbons was invited to write an article titled: How to Transform the Customer Journey into a Cultural Journey. The article appeared in AdExchangers “Data-Driven Thinking” column which is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.

In this article Rekha writes about the upcoming shift in the US by the year 2045. At that point the minority population of America will become the majority. 

The historical white majority will be surpassed by minority segments of Black, Hispanic, Asian and multiracial groups. Brands who realize this paradigm shift can seize massive opportunities to engage with the “new face” of the American consumer.

Rekha shares examples of cultural marketing done well. She also coins the phrase: Data Science of Diversity & Inclusion. Read the Article