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Do You Waste $$ Targeting the Wrong Customer?

Did you know only 25 cents of every dollar is spent targeting the wrong customer? Sadly it happens all the time and not just with small businesses. It happens at the large companies that proudly rank in Fortune 500. Here’s the culprit and what to do about it. 

Audience Segmentation
Many campaigns don’t segment their audiences. Which means they don’t understand who are they? Why do we want to market to them? Without this definitive knowledge campaigns can “spray and pray”. Which means a huge number of customers get the same message regardless of their needs.

Properly segmented campaigns are hugely beneficial. They can provide: 

Benefits of Segmentation

Some examples of audience segmentation are: 

Examples of audience segmentation that we use

Raare Solutions customizes audience segments for each client and each campaign. This means the most targeted customer to get your message across. 

So What’s the Solution? 
Build segmentation models that: 

•    Represent market and audience 
•    Are consistent in structure
•    Easy to understand by business stakeholders

And finally, build CRM/Marketing playbooks to apply the models consistently across programs. 

Contact the Raare team to learn how you can target the RIGHT customer.