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BMW of North America and Raare Solutions win 2018 Selligent Marketing Cloud Targeting and Segmentation Award

Austin, Texas, February 8, 2018. Selligent presented BMW of North America and its CRM Execution Agency Raare Solutions LLC with the 2018 Selligent Marketing Cloud award for best targeting and segmentation at the Consumer First Summit held in Austin, Texas.

And the award goes to—Raare Solutions LLC. Raare Solutions, a CRM Operational Marketing firm provides CRM services specializing in data-driven campaign execution, email design and deployment, customer analytics and CRM Consultation to Fortune 2000 clients. The award reinforces Raare’s dedication to building intimate and collaborative business partnerships with clients like BMW NA.
“We are excited by the event program Raare Solutions built for BMW,” said Nick Worth, CMO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. “It shows not only their talents as technical experts in relationship management solutions, but also the power and capability of the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform to execute highly engaging programs. As a result of this program, BMW’s customers experienced a luxurious and delightful experience that lines up with its brand promise.” 

The award was a result of the work that Raare Solutions executed for the BMW Ultimate Driving Event in Los Angeles in June 2017. The Raare Solutions team utilized the Selligent Message Studio Platform to create twelve separately scheduled deployments to stagger and prioritize the most desirable audiences. 
The campaign was a huge success for the BMW. Attendees were a better fit for the driving event and ultimately for a conversion to a sale. Additionally, there was less chance of disappointing invited people to sold out events.
“This was a wonderful example of true cross-team collaboration on behalf of BMW of North America,” said Ashley Luchs, CRM Process Manager for BMW. “Thanks to the innovative deployment approach proposed by our experiential marketing agency Octagon, the execution of same as well as the hyper-targeted and complex segmentation approach developed and implemented by our CRM partner Raare Solutions, and the support of our Experiential Marketing Platform provided by Limelight (Toronto, CA), we were able to achieve all pre-registration, attendance and sales targets that were associated with this experiential marketing program.”

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables B2C brands to engage consumers across critical channels.

For additional information on Raare Solutions, visit raaresolutions.com or email info@raaresolutions.com.